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About Deviant DawnFemale/Canada Group :iconrumikotakahashi4ever: RumikoTakahashi4ever
Rumic fans unite!
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1. You Must Post The Rules.
2. Each Person Must Post 5 Things About Themselves In Their Journal.
3. Answer The Questions The Tagger Set For You In Their Post, And Create Eleven New Questions For The People You Tag To Answer.
4. You Have To Choose 11 People To Tag And Post Their Icons On Your Journal.
5. Go To Their Page And Tell Them You Have Tagged Them.
6. No Tag Backs.
7. (No Stuff In The Tagging Section About "You're Tagged If You're Reading This". You Legitimately Have To Tag 11 People)

5 Things about me
1. I do competetive cheerleading:)
2. I love dogs and turtles<3
3. I'm canadian..... eh
4. i suck at drawing XD
5. adventure time > life ..... so swerve hoe! :P

My questions
1. Do you like anime?
yeah its dope:P
2. What is your favorite anime? (If 1 was yes)
i really like ranma 1/2
3. What's your favorite video game series?
sonic :D
4. What's your favorite food?
kraft diner :9
5. How good is my art?
supa dupa awesome :D
6. Is there anything I could do to improve my art?
practice makes perfect:)
7. Do you think I'm awesome?
yeah brah!
8. Are you on the Pants or Pantsless?
uhhhhhhhhhhh both
9. Do you think it's weird that I talk about pants a lot?
10. Hate being tagged?
i dont hate it
11. I'm a GOOFY GOOBER, ROCK.....wuh?
cool beans :D

  • Listening to: nado talk
  • Reading: my texts
  • Watching: YOU
  • Playing: Sonic Heroes
  • Eating: ginger bread cookies
  • Drinking: water &amp; hot choclate


heyy guys im a really bad artist but i thought id give it a try so if u guys dont like whatever i put up here if i ever put something up here witch i probably will .... just talk to my hands they just go off doin there own thing lol. but yea im really friendly and outgoing sooo id be happy to be friends..
soo tootles
(a.k.a dawny wawny muffin) :)

Favourite genre of music: pop rock r&b
Favourite style of art: very realistic and manga
MP3 player of choice: rather ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: spongebob ......pheneas and pherb are close seconds
Personal Quote: dont be afraid to show ur emotions. if you love someone u should definetly telll them.



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Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
thanks and welcome to the group
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Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
no problem
greenish11 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Student Artist
hello dear,how are you today? i hope you are keeping good. My name is Marsha,I saw your profile its lovely so, i decided to extend my greetings to you. Presently i can not really specify what prompted my drive to write you but,i did have the mind that you could be a nice person. I have the interest to meet people from outside my country. It is my believe that there are nice people out there who appreciate the values of friendship. Personally,i might not be physically beautiful like most ladies in your country but, I think I have the beauty of the mind, which is more valuable to me. Please write me if you can,my e-mail address is ( , am single and focus. I wouldn’t say i am good but,will leave that to you to find out with time. As allowing others to access you is a humble act. I will tell you more about myself with more of my pictures when i receive your yes response. My regards to your family where ever you leave. Your faithful marsha.
dawnthebest123 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
nice to meet you :)
stickfigures123 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
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no problem :)
Nado13579 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, look what you've been tagged in! [link]
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Happy Birthday!
dawnthebest123 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
awww thanks :D i havnt been on deviantart for a while so i just saw this!
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